• Canberra Retro Computing Message Areas

    From Geo to All on Mon Feb 28 20:57:44 2022
    Hi All,

    For those whom are interested, we now have a message area which I hope to dedicate to the small but active group of
    Retro Computing Nutters that also chat on Facebook.

    Currently there is only 1 area for the discussion of Meet-up's and BBQ's and such.
    But I am happy to add more as prople suggest them.

    Its not likely that people will give up th convienience of the Facebook Group to take part in the BBS Groups, But it would be very cool if we did. 8-)

    Just like the old Computer Club days, when the Dungeon BBS was the hub for the Canberra Commodore User Group. 8-)

    Anyhow time will tell.

    It is a requirement that you have properly registered to the BBS, and are a known participant in the Facebook Group before I will grant access.

    We could also dedicated some Upload/Download areas if people are keen 8-)